Q Drum Co. kit (2014)
Mahogany/poplar/mahogany shells with maple reinforcement rings.

  • 8″x12″ tomtom
  • 9″x13″ tomtom
  • 15″x15″ floor tom
  • 16″x16″ floor tom
  • 16″x18″ floor tom
  • 14″x20″ bass drum
  • 16″x24″ bass drum

Tama Superstar kit (1979)
6-ply birch shells

  • 8″x12″ tomtom
  • 9″x13″ tomtom
  • 16″x16″ floor tom
  • 14″x22″ bass drum

I have owned dozens of drums kits and often more than a couple at a given time. I recently decided to scale things back. Rather than owning a dozen one-trick ponies, I opted for two extremely versatile kits instead. With the Q kit (which is really two kits) and Tama kit and the various drum size options between them, as well as different head choices and tunings, virtually any type of drum sound/tone can be achieved to fit the music. From thuddy/retro to open/jazzy, tight/modern or big/boomy.
The Q’s are basically modern (more reliable/consistent) replicas of the ever so popular 60’s Ludwig and Slingerland kits with slightly sharper bearing edges that allow for a more open sound and higher tunings without the drums choking. They offer a warm, fat sound that can either be open and resonant with thinner heads tuned up a little higher and no dampening, or thuddy and deep with thicker heads tuned lower and some muffling. The birch shells of the Superstars are punchy, focused and more modern sounding when tuned up, yet will definitely still have a classic 70’s/80’s vibe when tuned low with thicker heads. Taking the bottom heads off really gives you a classic 70’s barking tom sound. Stewart Copeland used a 100% identical kit in 1981-82 on the Zenyatta Mondatta album and the subsequent tour.

Snare Drums

  • 5″x14″ Ludwig Supraphonic LM400 (1964)
  • 5″x14″ Ludwig Acrolite (1979)
  • 5″x14″ Ludwig Standard (Ludalloy) (1969)
  • 6.5″x14″ Ludwig Supraphonic LM402 (limited edition with bow-tie lugs) (1982)
  • 6.5″x14″ Ludwig Supraphonic bronze (1981)
  • 5″x14″ Pearl Jupiter B4514 (the “Stewart Copeland snare drum”)
  • 5″x14″ Rogers Powertone COB (1968)
  • 5.5″x14″ Q Drum Co. Copper Plate
  • 5.5″x14″ Q Drum Co. Gentlemen’s Series Brass
  • 6″x14″ Q Drum Co. Aluminum Plate
  • 7″x14″ Q Drum Co. Gentlemen’s Series Copper
  • 5.5″x14″ Tama SLP Classic Maple
  • 5.5″x14″ Tama Starclassic Birch (1990’s)
  • 8″x14″ Tama Superstar (made from 14″ early 80’s tomtom)
  • 5″x14″ Tama Superstar (made from 14″ early 80’s tomtom)
  • 3.25″x12″ Tama hammered steel
  • 6″x14″ Ahead brass (beadless 1.5mm shell)
  • 7″x13″ maple snare (self-built, 10-ply Keller shell)

Large assortment of Paiste cymbals, vintage and current: Formula 602, Modern Essentials, Masters, Signature, Dark Energy, 2002, Giant Beat, 505, Rude, Alpha, 900.

Wide variety of Evans heads, always depending on the situation. Power Center Reverse Dot, G2, UV1, or G1 on snare batter. Snare Side 300 or Orchestral 300 on snare bottom.
G2 Coated, G2 Clear, G1 Coated, UV1, G12 Coated or Calftone on tom batters, G1 Clear or Reso 7 on bottoms.
EQ4 Frosted, EQ4 Clear, EMAD Coated or Calftone EMAD on kick batter. Black or smooth white EQ3 on kick reso side.

Snare wires depend on the drum. Some of them have Puresound Blasters or Custom Pro brass, others have 20-strand Worldmax German style wires. On vintage snare drums I usually use 16 or 20-strand Puresound Custom series wires.

Pro-Mark. Mainly the Rebound 5B and Classic 5B (TX5BW), sometimes the ActiveGrip versions. Assorted brushes and rods by ProMark.
For low-volume situations I use Q-Sticks (company owned by my former teacher Luuk Kranenburg).

I feel very fortunate to have the support of these fine companies and their awesome reps:

                  DrumTacs    BigBang  

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