Los Angeles!

I’ll be in LA from May 18 on, for at least a full month. I’ll be driving cross-country so I will have my drums and my car with me, and I’ll be ready, willing and able to play! Sessions, jams, shows, anything, any style. Also available for private drum lessons, workshops and other drum related work. Hit me up!

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Little Brother Is Watching – gear breakdown

For those fellow drum geeks, here’s a detailed list of drum and cymbal setups used on the new Bumblefoot album “Little Brother Is Watching“.

The main kits I used:

Q Drum Co. Mahogany/poplar kit (Ginger Glass Glitter)
8″x12″ tom (Coated Emperor top, Clear Ambassador bottom)
15″x15″ floor tom (Coated Emperor top, Clear Ambassador bottom)
16″x18″ floor tom (Coated Emperor top, Clear Ambassador bottom)
16″x24″ bass drum (Coated Powerstroke 3 batter, Ebony Ambassador w/5″ hole front)

DW Collector’s maple (Black Ice finishply)
8″x12″ tom (VLT) (Coated Emperor Read more

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Bumblefoot – Little Brother Is Watching

Bumblefoot_LittleBrotherIsWatchingThe time has come! Very excited about, and proud of this one.
Order now! Digital album release is February 24th, and physical CD’s can already be pre-ordered and will start shipping March 2nd. Purchase links below:

Physical CD / Bumblefoot.com
iTunes (release 2/24)

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