“D-SUB” subkick

I first built one of these for myself around 2007. I was looking into buying a Yamaha Subkick but found them a little too pricey and figured I see if I could built something myself. I went through a bunch of different speaker cones until I found one that actually blew away the Yamaha. Shortly after building it, a friend borrowed it and he told me to name my price because he wasn’t giving it back. So I sold it to him and built another one. This happened a few more times with different friends so I built a batch of 10 of these in 2011. Recently, more people have been interested in having me build one for them so I have done several batches during the lockdown of 2020. Parts and shipping are cheaper when buying in bulk so the price will be lower during a batch build. However, I do offer these as a single order/build at $100 + shipping.

I currently offer two variations. A paper cone and a poly cone. The paper version has a bit of a denser, more saturated 808-ish tone. The poly version is a bit cleaner and has a bit more punch. The difference is somewhat subtle, but each will blend differently with different bass drum microphones. Only the highest quality parts are put into this thing. Mogami cable and a Neutrik XX series gold connector.


Note: stand not included. The D-Sub does feature a standard 5/8″ microphone stand mount that will attach to any mic stand. A short stand with heavy cast base is recommended (see picture).

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“This subkick is 💎💎. I can’t believe how much it elevates the rest of my kit.”
– Pete Wanca, Nashville

This new sub kick sounds great! Definitely an improvement in overall kick sound and accuracy of bass frequencies.
– Brian Czach, Nashville

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