“Ricochet” drum video

I’ve been getting quite a few requests for drum videos from fans of the various artists I’ve recorded for, as well as students, and I finally found a decent camera that can fit my while kit in its frame! As a first try-out editing HD video together, here’s a tune called “Ricochet” by a band called Truth Table for which I did several sessions between 2010 and recently. Killer songs. I’m hoping the album will be coming out later this year. Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Dennis, it’s been a while since our talks on the Bumbleforum! Let me say that your drumming always amazes me, well done!

    I’m teaching myself some drums these days and I’ll be watching closely your YouTube channel for reference ;)

    Can I ask what camera you’re using to record these drum sessions? The quality looks very nice and images are crisp and detailed even at low bitrates.

    Thanks a lot and keep up the “beating” :D


  2. Thanks! It’s a GoPro HD Hero 2. The only decent quality HD cam that has a nice wide angle that will fit your whole kit in the frame while only sitting about 20″ above your head. They came out with the Hero 3 a month after I bought the 2. The 3 is supposed to be every better quality. They’re really designed for outdoor sports and you will have to choose an accessory kit that you won’t really need, but they don’t sell the camera by itself.

  3. Thank You Dennis for the super fast answer :)

    Yes the go pro works well because of its excellent angle and nice deals can be found on the GoPro2 now that version 3 is out! By the way V3 has some interesting new recording modes but I usually end up recording 720p or my computers won’t be able to process anything :D

    I’m now beginning to record some drum vids and for now I’m quite happy with a chinese camera… it’s limited to 720p but it has some interesting tweaks such as the ability of adding an external video out and by the way some ridicolous fisheye!

    It’s called 808 #16 and it’s shaped like a keychain (kind of a stealth camera, you know) but I think the form factor is the tiniest there is! If you want to check it out please watch this:


    Now If only I knew how to drum..! :)

    I’ll be keeping an eye for new videos on your channel, hope all is well and wish you a wonderful time!


  4. Dennis you know what’s even better? It’s very inexpensive, about 30€ each keychain cam. That would make multi cam videos a breeze… and you have a choice between 3 lenses, love it so far… but my drumkit and more videos are on the way for next week… Wish you a great week and thanks for the replies!

    See ya!


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