QSticks available in the US

QSticks from QPercussion are now available in the US directly through me, until an official distribution deal has been established.

QSticks are not your average dowel bundles/rods, like the ones we all know, offered by some of the leading drum stick manufacturers.

  • QSticks are hand-made in Holland by a professional drummer. Necessity was the mother of this invention!
  • QSticks are made out of much more durable wood (different types), many times more durable than the rods you are familiar with
  • QSticks feature two thick coats of clear lacquer for added durability
  • QSticks have rounded edges at the tips for a fatter sound (yet still quieter than regular sticks) and no damage to drum heads
  • QSticks are available in a wide variety of weights, shapes and colors for many different sounds and easy visual identification in your stick bag.

Below is a cool video of the great Alex Acuna performing a drum solo at Drum Channel with a pair of QSticks WHISPER (the lightest model offered). Alex decided to “yell” more than “whisper” with these. As you’ll see, the rods take a beating like this with no problem, while other rods of similar weight currently on the market would have disintegrated in seconds!

More information: http://www.qpercussion.com/qsticks/en and QSticksUSA [at] gmail.com.

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