Promark, Evans, Puresound endorsement

I am now officially endorsing Promark sticks, Evans Drumheads and Puresound snare wires!

Promark sticks were my natural choice as a young teenager, before any endorsement politics entered my life when I started playing and touring professionally. After 15 years of bouncing around various companies, I am back home! Promark sticks feel like a true extension of my hands and the consistency and durability are second to none. Innovations like Select Balance and Active Grip are total game-changers.

Evans heads have long been considered the “#2” brand by professionals. Not anymore. Ever since the introduction of the Level 360 technology and UV1 line, Evans has changed the drum head world forever and instantly stepped in front of the other companies. These heads sound incredible. Wider tuning range, bigger dynamic range, fatter sounds, easier tuning. Evans heads are 100% consistent and the quality control is unmatched in the industry. Let your own ears decide!

I have been using Puresound wires for as long as I can remember, well before D’Addario took over the company. Puresound wires are the best sounding, most durable and innovative wires on the market. I never have and never will use anything else.

As the mother-company of these brands, D’Addario‘s level of commitment to quality, support and interaction with drummers worldwide is unique to these brands. There is no other stick or head company that releases such amazing, professionally produced educational and marketing materials. D’Addario’s Artist Relations department is the best in the business. From an advanced online artist order system (no more playing phone tag with your rep when you need to place an order) to the coolest swag on the market. D’Addario is way ahead of the game. In fact, they are setting the new standard. 

Thanks to the fine folks at D’Addario of the support, trust, generosity and friendship. Honored to be part of the family!

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