Paiste factory visit

I’m a little late with this one but I wouldn’t want to skip mentioning this…. Ever since I started playing the drum set when I was 13, I have been obsessed with Paiste cymbals. I had a short fling with another company but nothing compares to Paiste for me. I’ve always collected Paiste cymbals, vintage and new, as well as music with certain cymbals on it that I happen to love. I’m a geek! The Paiste factory in Switzerland has always been a mythical place that I dreamed of visiting like Charlie and the chocolate factory. Last month, that dream finally came true! It truly was mind-blowing to see the machines and meet the people that have created the very cymbals I have been listening to and looking at since I was a kid. I even got to hammer my own 12″ splash, which was insane. The folks at Paiste are simply a wonderful bunch, and I am so proud and excited to be part of the family.
A few pictures of my visit can be viewed on my Facebook page.

A few days before my visit, I performed a clinic in Holland, at an amazing drum store in Nijkerk. A video of me performing Bumbefoot’s “Catfight” can be found on YouTube.


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