Checkin’ in.

Welcome to my new web site!

It’s finally here! My old site was very outdated, and putting together this new one took almost a year. I’ve just been too busy. I used to build and run my own sites in the past but the past couple of years I have been so busy recording and touring that I don’t have the time anymore. My buddy Anibal at built this new site and he did a pretty kick-ass job if I may say so myself!

If you are familiar with my previous sites, you’ll notice how the new one is far more compact with far less content. Anibal and I decided on this for several reasons. Being so to-the-point and compact, it requires a lot less maintenance (since I have less time nowadays) and additionally, sites like Facebook and Twitter enable me to interact with fans and friends directly. So if you have any questions, hit me up on Facebook!

You will find regular updates and snap shots on Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, I’m planning to post occasional blog type entries on this website. Expect drum tips, important news updates, videos and tour/studio reports. So keep checking back, or subscribe to the RSS feed at the bottom of the site (the little orange icon).



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PAISTE endorsement

Drummer Dennis Leeflang is pleased to officially announce his endorsement with world renowned Paiste cymbals. Leeflang discussed his admiration of the notable Paiste sound beginning from when he first began making noise on the drums, stating “When I started playing drums at age 13, there was never a doubt in my mind about what cymbals I was going to get for my first kit. I loved how Nicko McBrain’s cymbals sounded and was always drooling over Tico Torres and Alex Van Halen’s sounds. Jeff Porcaro’s Paistes had also always been a big part of his sound and I loved that sound. And then there’s Bonham. I found that most of my favorite drummers were, and still are, drummers who play Paiste cymbals. I am convinced that the sound of their cymbals plays a part in this. Abe Laboriel Jr., Phil Rudd, Josh Freese, Ian Paice, Stewart Copeland, Steve Jordan, Jeff Campitelli… to name but a few.

Leeflang, who has a history with playing Paiste cymbals, expressed his excitement over the new deal. “I played Paiste cymbals for most of my drumming career. When I moved from Europe to NYC, I was overwhelmed, broke, playing a lot, grabbing every opportunity, trying new gear, signing new endorsements. Now, 6 years later, I realize that I could not help but catch myself longing back for my old Paistes. I recently decided that I had to be completely honest with myself, and make the switch back. Paiste cymbals are the cymbals that helped shaped my playing when I first started out. Like my mom’s cooking, Paistes give me that familiar feeling of being ‘home’ and nothing compares.  I’m psyched to be back ‘home’.

He is appreciative of the support and ease in transition and adds “I’d like to thank my good friend Tobias Ralph, and Wayne at Paiste America for the help and warm welcome. I am totally excited to have my original sound back.

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