We Are Not Alone

I hope everyone is safe and healthy during these challenging times. As I have stated on my social media accounts, I stand in full solidarity with my black brothers and sisters in the US and all over the world. It is time for us to unite, acknowledge the things that we need to change, and be vigil about it. The responsibility is in the hands of white people. It is our responsibility to love, respect and stand up for the rights of black people and make this change happen in a peaceful but assertive, dedicated and determined manner.

A quick word about Carmichael Thrones… Although I had never agreed to officially endorse their products, I am officially distancing myself from the Carmichael Throne company. I have owned one of their throne tops since 2013 and through various pictures I have posted on social media over the years, I have unintentionally spread awareness about the product. Without going into too much detail, I disposed of my throne the minute I read the company owner’s latest social media post yesterday. I am aware of the fact that several people have asked me about my throne in the past and for a time I have recommended this particular product. However, I became aware of the owner’s political and social beliefs fairly soon after purchasing my throne and distanced myself as much as I could without going into any explanation or debate. Although I was still using my Carmichael throne up until yesterday, I have also owned and have been recommending Ahead Spinal G thrones since 2014. There still is a need for a throne alternative for drummers with back problems, and Ahead thrones are the way to go. As opposed to Carmichael, I have been an official endorser for Ahead Products (snare drums, Ahead Armor Cases, accessories), with the exception of their sticks, since 2006. I have been using an Ahead SPG-ARTB throne for years with my live rig, while the Carmichael stayed at my studio. I replaced it with a second SPG-ARTB yesterday. For those wondering what these thrones are all about – the split top keeps your tailbone floating freely, avoiding strain and fatigue on your spine. Aside from the benefits when experiencing back problems, they are simply incredibly comfortable. Please check out Ahead Thrones if you are in the market for a throne that supports back relief, or just a really comfortable new throne.

Back to music…. I recorded drums for this wonderful little song by the folks at Sesame Street a few months ago and it was released today. The message is more important now than ever. Please stay safe, healthy, and kind.

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New Releases!

Along with lots of creative energy and fun recording projects during this strange “stay at home” situation come all kinds of releases of the the music I’ve been recording drums for!
Please check it out!

Mr. Lunas“Devil Business”  [Apple Music]
(single, featuring Ra Diaz of Suicidal Tendencies)

Milan Polak“Can’t Please Everyone” [creditsApple Music]
(album, I’m on tracks 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10)

Liam Mogan“Burn At Home” [Apple Music]

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