I’ve been teaching drums professionally since 1999. Fans of some of my bands at the time would email me with questions about certain parts of songs I had recorded and I would email them back with explanations, transcriptions, or I would invite them over to my studio to hang out and jam, next to explaining the things they wanted to know. Before I knew it, I had several students coming over weekly. Soon, I found myself teaching 10 students a week at age 20. Shortly after relocating to New York City in 2004, I was teaching over 20 students weekly at my own studio alone, with dozens of students flying in from all over the world to take classes, and teaching additional classes at music schools all over the city.

Once I started teaching and developed a passion for it, I sought mentorship from the great Dom Famularo, in the art of teaching itself. I spent years testing and writing out exercises and making videos. With my own experiences, some common sense, a background in psychology and a lot of back-study, I created a solid feel for how to teach and explain every aspect of drumming. The technical part makes up only half of the process. The real challenge is in the understanding of how various human brains process information differently!

Apart from offering lessons at my own studio since 1999 (first in Holland, then in New York, and now in Los Angeles), I worked at several music schools in Holland and New York City. I have also traveled the world to teach guest classes and masterclasses at schools, clubs, festivals and trade shows.

Whether you’re an aspiring pro or just want to be able to play along to your favorite records… We will make it happen.

You have to do the work, but I can guide you in the right direction. There’s a lot of trial and error involved in learning any craft but with the right guidance, the amount of error is kept to a minimum, and the learning process will be more effective, quicker and much more enjoyable.

I’ve taught students of ages ranging from 5 to 65. It’s never too late, and you’re never too old. One great memory I have is a retired gentleman who, at age 65, wanted to make his life-long dream of playing in a wedding band come true. He had owned drums for years, but never took a lesson in his iwanlife and could barely hold a simple beat. Friends of his had a working wedding band and needed a new drummer. They gave him 6 months to get to a level where he could take over the drum seat, and we made it happen! Many of my students have gone on to become succesful musicians, playing with bands and touring internationally. Many others simply play for fun, and are enjoying being able to play along to their favorite songs and jam with friends.

Apart from local students, I have extensive experience in offering intensive courses for students visiting from abroad. Two hours a day for a week, an hour every other day for a month… we’ll make it happen!

Apart from being available to teach on location in the Los Angeles area, I mainly teach out of my home studio in the mountains near Santa Clarita, California, about a half hour drive from Los Angeles, as well as PA Rehearsal Studios in Reseda. When on the road with any of the various artists I work with, I may be available for teaching on days off. Keep an eye on my Calendar to see if I’m going to be in your area.

I take pride in offering quality drum lessons at very affordable rates. Email me below to schedule your introductory lesson, or with any questions you may have! I’m always more than happy to help visiting foreign students find affordable accomodation (hotels) and assisting with any other aspects of visiting the Los Angeles area.

I’m also available for SKYPE lessons. Take lessons from the comfort of your own home, wherever you are!

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