Couch Riffs Podcast

A few weeks ago I did a fun podcast with the funny and talented Mike Squires (guitarist for Duff McKagan’s Loaded). Mike and I met in Seattle when I was on tour with Bumblefoot in 2014. We have the 2nd degree Guns N’ Roses connection in common and stayed in touch through social media since meeting. It was great to talk about recording with Mike, as well as other stuff. Look for Couch Riffs episode 87 on all major podcast services (Apple, Spotify, Anchor FM, or just google “Couch Riffs Dennis Leeflang”).

As part of the podcast’s tradition, we recently recorded a song + video with some incredible and familiar musicians. Keep an eye out on Couch Riffs’ Facebook page and be sure to check out other episodes. Some really great listens with fantastic guests.

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