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Drum Cam videos from the tour

I set up my GoPro camera at some of the shows, and I’m posting some videos of that on my YouTube channel over the next few weeks.

Here’s “Turn Around” from the Dallas show:

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“Ricochet” drum video

I’ve been getting quite a few requests for drum videos from fans of the various artists I’ve recorded for, as well as students, and I finally found a decent camera that can fit my while kit in its frame! As a first try-out editing HD video together, here’s a tune called “Ricochet” by a band called Truth Table for which I did several sessions between 2010 and recently. Killer songs. I’m hoping the album will be coming out later this year. Enjoy!

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Paiste factory visit

I’m a little late with this one but I wouldn’t want to skip mentioning this…. Ever since I started playing the drum set when I was 13, I have been obsessed with Paiste cymbals. I had a short fling with another company but nothing compares to Paiste for me. I’ve always collected Paiste cymbals, vintage and new, as well as music with certain cymbals on it that I happen to love. I’m a geek! The Paiste factory in Switzerland has always been a mythical place that I dreamed of visiting like Charlie and the chocolate factory. Last month, that dream finally came true! It truly was mind-blowing to see the machines and meet the people that have created the very cymbals Read more

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