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SteinbergI am very excited to announce that I am now officially endorsing Steinberg! I have been using Cubase for almost 10 years, since the day I started recording at home, and later my own professional recording studio. It has always been my DAW of choice and I absolutely love working with Cubase, its ultra intuitive use, stability, and sonic quality. I’m very much looking forward to my collaboration with the fine folks at Steinberg and their future projects.

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David Baron – Heartbeat

DavidBaron_HeartbeatLast year I recorded drums at my studio for a very talented NYC-based singer-songwriter by the name of David Baron. His music is catchy, the lyrics are deep, and some of the songs have a cool Broadway vibe to them. Listen to the album on Spotify, or purchase the tunes on iTunes.

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Recording new Bumblefoot album

While in the middle of rehearsals for the upcoming US tour, as well as numerous Guns N’ Roses dates, Ron wanted to get a few new songs out of his system and asked me to come record drums at his studio. Super exciting! Last time we recorded together at his studio was in 2008 for the “Abnormal” album. We did a bunch of singles in 2011, but I recorded the drums for those at my own studio without him present, since he was on the road with Gn’R pretty much full-time.
The new material is absolutely killer, and I’m totally psyched about this. Hoping to get drums for about half the album finished before going on tour. Keep an eye on my Facebook page for pictures, videos and updates from the studio.

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