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Happy Holidays!

STOREheadbfooteuropeWhat a year! Lots of great traveling and amazing shows this past year. To celebrate, I’ve added some cool souvenirs from the Bumblefoot tours to the STORE. Used and signed drum heads and sticks, as well as some CD’s and SKYPE drum lessons. Worldwide shipping! GREAT Holiday gifts!

As a bonus, I’m giving you a 20% discount through December 31st. Just use coupon code HOL2014 at checkout!

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VaterPromoI’m very excited to announce that I am now officially endorsing VATER drum sticks.
After having endorsed another drum stick manufacturer for 11 years, I recently tried out some Vater sticks and was shocked by how amazing they felt. They immediately made me play better. With the manufacturer I was with previously, I had been jumping between different stick models for years, because I could never get completely comfortable with my sticks. Not enough weight in the front, too short, too heavy, too light. I had sort of made peace with this and decided it must be me being overly picky. When first trying Vater sticks recently, I tried about six different models, and actually had trouble deciding which I liked best. They ALL felt amazing, and completely natural, like an extension of my hands. Right away, I noticed a Read more

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Humes & Berg endorsement

Just like Steinberg, this one came out of nowhere. This month has just been great when it comes to gear and making new friends at great companies.

I’m very proud and excited to officially endorse Humes & Berg Enduro and Enduro Pro cases! Best hard shell drum and cymbal cases on the market, and super nice folks! Apart from superior quality, another thing that sets H&B apart from other manufacturers is that they offer cases in custom colors. Read more

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